Our Mission

Through play and exploration in meadow, forest, stream, river, farm and garden environments we strive to constantly find meaningful ways for children to connect to each other, themselves, their community and the living world around them.

Who We Are and What We Do

We are a multi-disciplinary team of women and men, including early childhood educators, working artists, musicians, builders and environmental educators.
Our fully licensed, full-day, year-round program is based on current research of the best practices in early childhood education. The program uniquely combines a developmentally responsive curriculum, exceptional learning environments, optimal nutrition, and dedicated staff to help children reach their full potential.

Our program is based on the most current Ministry of Education recommendations. Upon completion of our program, children will be well prepared for subsequent learning in any educational model.

Children spend as much of their day as possible outdoors, with a high staff to child ratio, where they develop a sense of wonder and respect for their environment. Research shows that natural environments are an optimal context for early childhood development. They are more stimulating, less stressful, safer and healthier. Outdoor playtime has numerous benefits for children, including improved physical, mental, emotional, and psychological ability and well-being.

Children’s growing minds and bodies benefit from healthy, primarily organic, local, seasonal foods, freshly prepared into delicious meals. We believe that by providing children with the best possible education and nutrition, we support their families by helping to give children the healthiest start in life.

The Guelph Outdoor Preschool is fortunate to be located on the 600 acre ecologically significant property of the Ignatius Centre, on Hwy.6 north just minutes from downtown Guelph.